Engine ventilation and Pumps

By knowing the technology of the vessel’s machinery systems, eMarine´s programming takes the engine pumps and fans to the next level of what is usually considered as standard demand control. The algorithm in the controller calculates the actual demand of each consumer to maintain the process actual need without compromising on safety.

Machinery space ventilation

The system is controlled by temperature in sequence with the outside differential atmospheric pressure. The different parameter setups maintain the need for a comfortable temperature for the crew to work, such as the main engine’s need for a certain amount of air. The system is fully automatic with features like overpressure during main engine start-ups, as well as low noise mode in port.


Frequency-controlled pumps are a kind of standard in many applications, by adding smart software on top of the system, the efficiency of the process is even better.  As the laws of affinity describe, the reduction of speed by 20% reduces the power consumption by 50%. In the solution of multi-setpoint from eMarine, you can be comfortable and rely on that the system will ensure correct cooling demand to all designated consumers to the lowest possible energy consumption.