HVAC is a large consumer of electricity with heating & cooling on a vessel but the automation is often outdated and ineffective. By adding speed control to fans and enthalpy wheels, such as control valves for cooling, airflow sensors, and different types of smart roomsensors eMarines system minimizes the risk of cooling, heating, and heat recovery to intervene with each other and maximizes the efficiency of the air handling units. To get the best out of the HVAC plant, eMarine balances the air flows in all cabins to gain the right amount of supply and exhaust air. The result is a hands-off, intuitive system that knows how much air a specific space needs, how the inlet temperature should be, and at which humidity level. The correct application of new developments and functionalities in HVAC equipment will result in significantly increased comfort and huge savings.

The eMarine ventilation control system interface

Facts and features

  • Speed controlled fans and enthalpy wheels
  • Smart sensors in room and public areas
  • Flow control
  • Airflow balancing
  • Heat and cooling recovery