M/S Wasa Express

M/S Wasa Express is a cruise ferry owned by Wasa Lines.


M/S Wasa Express is a cruise ferry owned by Wasa Lines. It operates the route between Umeå and Vasa. The ship has a length of 141 meters and a max. speed of 19.5 knots.  


Our solution for MS Wasa Express consists of optimization and automatization of HVAC, pump control, and engine room ventilation, as well as heat recovery and cargo space heating. In addition, a new user-friendly steering system focusing on comfort and energy saving was installed. All work was performed during regular operations with no need to disrupt or dry dock the vessel.

M/S Wasa Express

Our solutions

EBBS (emergency battery backup system)
This solution entails that pumps that are vital for the future are provided with VFDs fed with both AC voltage from the network and the DC voltage of a battery pack. As a result of this, the operating efficiency is secured for at least ten minutes during a black-out.  In addition, a new monitoring system focusing on comfort, energy efficiency, and usability was installed. 


For the HVAC unit, an installation of drives was made that are regulated by temperature and  CO2 in public areas. Recirculation damps were included in the steering. The airflow in the cabins was balanced. Everything is monitored by an automatic steering system focusing on comfort and energy efficiency. 


VFDs installed for KaMeWa, Rudder, SW, LO, Gear Oil, LT ME, LT AE, FO feed, and FO Booster pumps. 

Monitoring of the system is done on the control room computer or via remote connection. 

Pumps that are vital for the ship’s propulsion are provided with battery backup to ensure propulsion during a blackout. The remaining pump controls are installed as a stand-alone solution with a sensor and programmed drive. 


The system is automatically controlled by the new control system to regulate temperature and differential pressure. This is to reduce the energy consumption to a minimum while keeping the climate in the engine room areas within required values.  Drives were installed on fans for the ME room, AE room, boiler room, booster room, and for the Schaftgen/AC room. 


The control system includes all systems covered by the energy project, including cargo space heating. The system is adjusted specifically for M/S Wasa Express and targets power consumption, comfort, and usability. The program also contains an energy alarm for the crew to maintain a low energy consumption.


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