M/S Silja Europa

M/S Silja Europa is a passenger ship owned by Tallink Group, operating as a cruise ship between Helsinki and Tallinn.


M/S Silja Europa is a passenger ship owned by Tallink Group, operating as a cruise ship between Helsinki and Tallinn. The HVAC system was of original design and faulty, resulting in manual control. eMarine was commissioned to conduct a feasibility study in the summer of 2017 which showed a potential saving of more than 2,000 tons of fuel per year. The result of the study led to a framework agreement that was signed in August 2017 and covers the whole fleet.

M/S Silja Europa

Our solution

The installation on Silja Europa started in January 2018 and included the adjustment of supply and exhaust air in more than 1400 cabins, installation of 107 pcs frequency converters for fans and pumps, installation of new control valves, and a completely new control system, custom made. eMarine Engineering will also build a new heat recovery system from auxiliary engines cooling water to main engine heating, HVAC hot water system and potable hot water production. The calculated pay-off time for the whole project is 1,5 years.


New control system for HVAC, Heat Recovery, Chillers, Pre- and Re-heat heating, pumps, and engine room fans. The system is adjusted specifically for M/S Silja Europa and targets power consumption, comfort, and usability.


For the HVAC unit an installation of 44 drives was made for cabin-, public-, and service units each with their own individual regulation by, temperature, Co2 or/and Humidity. Recirculation dampers and VVX were included in the steering to achieve the most economical drift meanwhile the comfort was increased. The airflow of the two-channel system consisting of exhaust- and supply air was balanced in the cabins. This is all monitored by an automated control system focusing on comfort and energy efficiency. 


Five drives for the FO Treatment room, BT room, and ST Room Sewage room were installed. Installation of temperature-, pressure-, and differential pressure sensors. Fans equipped with VFDs for ME- and AE rooms were included in the control system. The new VFD:s are integrated into the control system from Kongsberg which is reprogrammed to regulate temperature and differential pressure. This is to reduce the energy consumption to a minimum while keeping the climate in the engine room areas within required values.


Eight drives were installed for Pre-Heat, AUX SW pumps, LT Prop pump, and AUX LT EXP pumps. Temperature-, pressure- and differential pressure were controlled. Pumps have been integrated and are controlled by the new control system.



A heat recovery system from both ME-, and AE Cooling water was built to supply Pre-Heat, Re-Heat, and portable water, as well as ME and AE depending on if in the harbor or at sea. A heat accumulator circuit was built into the system. The system was integrated into the new control system.

M/S Silja Europa


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