M/S Finbo Cargo


M/S Finbo Cargo is a Ro-Pax ferry owned by AB Eckerö. It operates the route between Finland and Estonia. The ship has a lenght of 180 meters.    

eMarines solution for M/S Finbo consists of optimization and automatization of HVAC, pump control, and engine room ventilation, as well as heat recovery. A control system was also programmed for this solution to increase the ease of use and to more efficiently target comfort and energy saving. All work was performed during regular operations with no need to disrupt or dry dock the vessel.


M/S Finbo Cargo

Our solution

For the HVAC unit, an installation of 16 drives was made that are regulated on temperature and also CO2 in public areas. The airflow in the cabins was balanced and the heating system was re-built to increase comfort. Everything is supervised by and a fully automatic control system targeting comfort and energy efficiency.


A heat recovery system was built for the HVAC by changing the electrical base heat to a water-borne system. The existing air return dampers were equipped with actuators and integrated into the new control system for maximal heat recovery with CO₂ supervision.

A water-borne heating system for the car deck was built which is mainly heated by HT water from ME. The system consists of ten radiators with fans equipped with frequency converters. This system is not a part of the energy-saving project but an extra installation with a focus on minimal energy consumption.


Seven drives were installed for ME SW, ME LT, and chilled water system. Temperature-, -pressure and differential pressure control. The pump control was installed as a stand-alone solution with a sensor and self-programmed drive. Supervision of the system can be done on the control room computer or via remote connection.


16 drives were installed for ME Room, AE Room, Boiler/Separator Room, Steering gear Room, ECR/MSB, Pump Room, AC Room, and Bow Thruster Room. Temperature-, pressure- and differential pressure control.


A new drive for cooler and control of heating and cooling was integrated into the new control system. Installation of Pre-Heat ventils for every HVAC unit to enable variable flow in the cooling water system.



The control system includes every system covered by the energy project, including cargo heat. The control system was adapted specifically for M/S Finbo Cargo and targets energy consumption, comfort, and ease of use. The program also includes energy alarms for the crew to maintain a low energy consumption.


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